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Hong Kong General Chamber of Property Finance Limited (HKGCPF) was established to promote cooperation among industry players and also to consolidate relationships with regulatory bodies and other stakeholders, so that market standards and intelligence could be communicated thoroughly and effectively.

The membership comprises three categories of members: 1. Full Member; 2. Associate Member (Finance Company) and 3. Associate Member (Others).  All members must be corporate entities.

Full Member would be company with main business involving property related financing, such as licensed money lenders and authorized institutions.  The preliminary criteria for Full Membership would include:

  • Track record of active industry participation for at least three years
  • Untarnished reputation
  • Portfolio size of at least HK$50 million as of membership application date

Associate Member (Finance Company) would be companies with main business involving property related financing, but could not fulfill the requirements of Full Members. Or Companies affiliated of our Full Members.

Associate Member (Others) would represent service partners and vendors which are closely linked with the industry players, such as solicitor firms, valuers, surveyor firms and other professional entities.

Application procedure:

To apply for HKGCPF membership, company needs to be nominated by 2 Full Members of HKGCPF and will have to submit the following two items:

  1. A completed “HKGCPF Membership Application Form”. The Membership Application Form can be downloaded by clicking below the icon “Download Application Form” to download the membership application form.
  1. A cheque for the admission and annual fee made payable to “Hong Kong General Chamber of Property Finance Limited”

Deliver the documents to Hong Kong General Chamber of Property Finance Limited (HKGCPF) at 8/F, New World Tower 1, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, with attention to “Membership Application”.

Application received will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at the monthly meeting.  Representative of applications will be informed by emails about the result of the application.  For the successful applicants, email notification date marks the commencement of the membership.

HKGCPF reserves the right to ask for additional information in support of the application.

Download HKGCPF Application Form